My new obsession.. oil pulling

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I’m all about trying new things lately.. and I have been hearing so much about oil pulling in the last few months.  Since I am a huge believer in the beauty and health benefits of detoxing your body, oil pulling was next on my list!

So.. what is it?  I know what you’re thinking.. sounds more like something you’d do to a car.  I’m not totally sure why it’s been named oil pulling, all I know is it works and I’m loving it.
Oil pulling is detoxin’ your whole body through pulling the toxins out in your mouth, teeth, and gums.  Basically, in the morning you’re going to take a tablespoon of Organic Cold Pressed coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth for 20 minutes.  Many people who have tried this have experienced: whiter teeth, healthier gums, reversing cavities, preventing bad breath, increased energy, better sleep, decreased headaches, and.. my favourite.. clearer skin.
I’m on day two and I am already loving it!  This is definitely one I’m going to work into my regular routines.
The first time you try it, it is absolutely going to feel strange.  But give it a couple of minutes and it’s not so bad, I promise!  Do it while you’re scrolling through Facebook and Insta in the morning, we all know we pretty quickly waste 20 mins doing this every single morning.. so multi task with it!  After you’re done, make sure you don’t spit it out in the sink.. you’ll clog the drain.  Follow up with brushing your teeth, and find a natural based toothpaste for afterwards.  Using a regular toothpaste is just going to dump chemicals back in your body that you just worked hard to swish out for the past 20 minutes.  I use Arbonne’s Pure Mint Toothpaste, its phenomenal, and makes my teeth whiter than any crest white strips ever have before.  Win win!
Happy oil pulling!
lots of love,

3 thoughts on “My new obsession.. oil pulling

  1. ahhxnicole says:

    I have not done it myself, but I told my mom about this and she absolutely loves it. I really need to start and maybe it will help me. Have you seen more results now since you started?


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