Do you gratitude journal?

I have heard a little bit about writing down what you’re thankful for in the past.. and honestly I just thought it was so that we could learn to “appreciate the small things” and that was it.  Just be happy you have food on the table because a lot of people in the world don’t, type of gratitude.

Through my last year and a half with Arbonne, I have come to learn a TON about gratitude journals.. and there’s a heck of a lot more to it than being thankful for your food so that one day you don’t wake up starving.  Through my mentors and the books I have read since starting my business.. it’s very evident:  being thankful for what we have allows rooms for more good things to come into our lives.

Seriously, there’s no magic here.  People have been practicing this for a very very long time.  If you’re new to this whole concept, I’d suggest you watch “The Secret” (yup it’s on Netflix!).  This will begin to make a whole lot more sense.  But I have officially filled my first full gratitude journal and going back to read through it was pretty awesome.  Some days it really was:  I’m so thankful that it’s sunny today, I like the sunshine.  Other days, a little more heartfelt:  I’m so thankful I have the opportunity to change so many peoples lives with my business.

Beauty in this, there’s really no wrong way to go about your gratitude journal.  So I’m just wondering, if you wrote in a journal write now, what would you be most thankful for?

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Lots of love,

through blueyesandtanlines. xo

4 thoughts on “Do you gratitude journal?

  1. Teenella says:

    I would be most thankful for everyone who has the time to listen to what I say whether they are even remotely interseted in it or not. Nice blog by the way! I enjoy reading your posts a lot. Maybe if you have the time, you vould check out my blog too_x

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