Real Good Coffee.. Real Good Chat

As much as I have been attempting to kick my coffee habit goodbye, there’s something still so magical about a good cup of coffee and a great chat with new friends.  For some reason, I really want my Peach Tea to offer the same thing.. and most times I am still reaching for that blonde roast.

Last week, I met up with an incredible group of ladies who have started a book club journey with the book Think and Grow Rich.  It’s often one of the first books I recommend to anyone really serious about committing to their business and dreamin’ big.  Although I had set out to help them write out their goals, at their request, the conversation took a different direction.  I really do love when that happens.  It became very real, honest, and vulnerable for everyone.

As the ladies shared their stories with me, the feelings they had taking some steps outside of their comfort zone the past week.. it was as if everything I had been studying and reading about all summer long hit me in the face.  This conversation right here just made it all make sense for me.  Vulnerability.  That feeling where we are very real, and raw, and honest about our deepest fears and feelings.. that moment of sharing it with another person is ultimately how we are able to connect with each other and move past that fear.  What most of us were really scared about in that moment, is that nobody would be able to relate to how we were feeling, that it would make us very different, separate us from the group.  And in sharing these moments over coffee, we all realized the same thing. EACH one of us had felt the exact same way.  And how great is that to know you’re in the right place.. sharing the right experiences.

I loved every minute of our coffee chat, and am seriously so excited for this group of women to get out there and kick butt with their goals for 2016.

lots of love through blue eyes and tan lines.

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