Girls with cakepop

Photo on 2016-01-16 at 8.14 PM #2


There are few things better in life than those best friends you make in the bathroom at the bar, or the time you realize you’re instant besties with the girl who has the same nail polish colour.  This sparked my inspiration for my #girlswithcakepop idea.  Last night, I went to a party to celebrate my friend’s promotion (at this really cool restaurant in a museum) and there was 3 of us standing at the bar with the same shellac colour on.  So, I’m letting you know that cakepop is now my choice of colour permanently, unless there’s days where I need to switch it up and go for some red because I’m feeling fiery.  Most of the time though, know that I’m living these thoughts through blue eyes, and tan lines, and cakepop.  And yes, next time you’re picking your shellac colour you should pick cakepop and tag me in your cakepop travels & thoughts.

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