Get to know me

If I could be by the beach every second of the day I would, I enjoy a good cup of coffee, and reading a good book.  I’m a sister, daughter, friend, and business leader.  I’m a lover of travel, oversized sunglasses, country music, and summer nights.  I’m 25, blazing a trail through the network marketing industry and this is my story.

I started this blog to talk about things I loved: makeup, skincare, health & wellness.  Through meeting so many of you online though, turns out a lot of us have had that thought of maybe leaving the 9-5 world behind and venturing out into something different.  So here it is for you, how I did it, what I do day to day, all wrapped up in my blog.

In 2014, I left the corporate world of 9-5 for an opportunity to create a life by design and I have never looked back.  Life wasn’t quite what we were lead to believe, maybe you can relate?  The university degree we took didn’t quite measure up, it wasn’t really enough.  Coming out of it, there were no jobs in that field, and if you were lucky enough to get an entry level job, it barely covered the student debt, let alone trying to live off of it.  I chose a career path out of high school to make my parents happy, and after two years in it, I realized it was completely sucking the life out of me… it wasn’t what I wanted at all.  It gave me minor anxiety to watch people retire from my career broke, unhappy, unhealthy, and realize they never fulfilled their dreams.  And the thought of having to ask for time off for the rest of my life, and only look forward to fridays during the entire week made me feel sick.  2 years out of school and I had completely stopped dreaming, or even believing it was possible to have anything I ever wanted in life.

And then I met an incredible mom, who today I am so lucky to call a mentor, business partner, and friend.

At the age of 24, I retired from my day job and traded it in for a life by my rules.  It’s not that I don’t believe in hard work- because I do- but I truly do believe in time freedom and financial freedom.  I am now able to travel when I want (on my company’s dime!), not set my alarm for monday morning, go to the gym in the middle of the afternoon, and work my business around my life.

And what’s even more rewarding- I get to share this and teach others how to live a life by design.

I hope what I put out here in the world not only educates you but inspires you to dream a little bigger, and live a happier, healthier life.

I’d love to chat with you, feel free to say hello: 🙂